1. Morning Academic Sessions in Full-Swing

    Launch Academy Coach Chelsea Azevedo  is busy at work with her group helping to explain the differences between the SAT and ACT.


  2. Launch 2014 - Week 1

    Today we welcome our first group of the summer to lovely Lake Tahoe. We are excited about the chance to work with our students and build a great foundation for the upcoming school year.

    Check back here for great photos, stories, and updates.

    Here we go!



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    (via fred-wilson)

    (via fred-wilson)

  5. Costa loves to read.


  8. Costa!

  10. Students attentively listening to guest speakers at Day 1 of the A’s Academy

  11. ESM’s Bryan McKrell is conducting more mock interviews with Tristan Laurens from Hong Kong and Morgan Finnegan from Sacramento. Good stuff on a Thurday night !

  12. Yes, it’s Lake Tahoe with a lot of breathtaking scenery but we are delighted by the sight of these students spending hours a day INSIDE learning  how to prepare for college and life. Don;t worry Mom and Dad, they do get outside to sight-see and exercise but know they are committed to the tasks at hand!

  13. ESM Coach Kevin Pope on Day 3 of camp (Thurs morning) talking about SAT Test Prep and the strategies behind doing well and maximizing your potential.  Kevin also emphasized the understanding of  HOW to take the test to skew the percentages in your favor.

  14. Very impressed on this Thursday morning of the ESM Leadership Camp at the focus of the students and their strident efforts to get better in the classroom and in life. We must admit, this group might be our best yet in terms of involvement and passion for learning.

  15. ESM’s College Interview Expert Bryan McKrell outlines the important things you need to do in order to succeed in your college interview.